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A genuine need was realized quite often for a more open, focused, interactive and professional platform for the novice researchers, scholars and academics to share their knowledge, innovative ideas and expertise with the readers so that others may also get benefited from their learning experiences. In the higher education sector in Pakistan, I did not find a single website, during the course of my doctoral research, offering any guidance for the doctoral candidates, how to proceed with their studies.

During that period, whenever I came across rough patches and finding no one for guidance, counseling and direction, I used to make a commitment with myself that if I ever finished with my PhD, I would try my level best to help others so that they may be able to complete their Ph.D. studies swiftly, timely and efficiently.

The idea of writing blog posts and sharing my learning experiences with others was getting on in my mind. However, due to time constraints, professional responsibilities and further studies, I could not actualise this aspiration.

Right after completing my studies, I embarked on the journey, to provide a platform where I could freely share my learning experiences, research work and insight with the readers, researchers and scholars.

Using this opportunity, I invited the students, scholars and academics to share their knowledge, innovative ideas and expertise with us, via this platform so that we may also get benefited from their experiences.

Meanwhile, I realized that some content may more effectively be communicated through visual presentations as it has fastly tuned out one of the most powerful media to engage and captivate audience. Besides, I understand that the internet world has rapidly been transforming and more people are getting engrossed with the visual stuff these days, hence I launched my YouTube Channel with the same name-Exploring Academia which helped me to interact with a wider audience more effectively and directly.

Best of luck!


Dr. Syed Hafeez Ahmad
Ph.D. (Human Resource Management)
Post Graduate Certification in Human Resources for Health
Additional Controller of Examinations
Khyber Medical University Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Email: exploringacademia@gmail.com

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