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How to write an effective abstract?

This blog post is aimed at providing some useful guidelines for the PhD scholars, academics and novice researchers about writing an effective abstract How to write an effective abstract, what should be included in it, how long it should be, when to write it, number of paragraphs to be included, the key features and finely what makes an effective abstract; are some of the points this blog post is aimed at covering.

Why the majority of PhD students suffer from depression?

In this blog post, I presented the crux of the comments from 65 members of the -‘PhD Support Group’. Based on my personal experience and the candid input from members of the group, this article is intended to provide some useful insight for the novice researchers and PhD scholars how to address such a situation.

Doing a Ph.D-Was that really a mistake?

In this blog post, I share with the readers, what the two Professors from the US and UK had to say on each part of my PhD thesis. The aim is to provide useful insight for the doctoral students who should keep these important things in mind while finalizing the draft of their dissertations.
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